Bartosz Bień

I am the co-founder, associate, and Lead Software Developer at SPIN, a company created right before the dawn of 21st century to conquer the frontiers of modern software engineering.

I have been designing and implementing commercial software in C++ since 1996, conducting projects that range from complex industrial, business and scientific applications using highly customized MFC and proprietary user interaction systems, through AAA video games and creation tools, up to WinRT applications created for the launch event of Microsoft Windows 8.

At SPIN, we create software tailored exactly to your needs. We develop proprietary technologies and tools that drive your hardware, your business, and your whole industry.

My primary professional goals are:

  • designing solutions that become intellectual properties,

  • creating innovative architectures and user experiences,

  • always learning new things, both technically and as a team leader,

  • doing what I love!

Specialties: solving the impossible at the cutting edge of software design and development.

SPIN s.c. Bartosz Bień, Marek Znamirowski Microsoft Certified Professional